Come work with us at Flowcine!

We're currently looking for two people to join our team in Stockholm, Sweden. Does any of the two listings below sound perfect for you? Have a look and see if you're the right guy/gal for the job!


Multifunctional fitter

About us

Since 2012 Flowcine has been working on improving on the tool set available to professional DOPs, helping them to achieve better looking, more stable shots. Our products are mechanical, mostly different kinds of stabilising spring arms and gimbal type rigs. We’re a small team located in Stockholm, Sweden and on Syros in Greece.

The position

We’re now looking for a person to join us at the Stockholm office to help out with a broad range of tasks. Our ideal candidate is a quick learner. A well organised and enthusiastic individual with strong administrative, interpersonal and communication skills. If you’re interested in filmmaking gear, cameras and such, that’s a plus!

Typical work activities

The main activity for this position is to help out in the assembly, putting our products together. Other activities may be:
Giving support to our customers over email or phone.
Preparing orders for shipment to our customers.
Creating marketing material, updating the website, shooting product images, making demo videos etc.
Going to trade shows all over the world to demonstrate our products.


We think that our candidate has the following skills:
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, preferable in both Swedish and English.
  • Organized and adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Self-motivated and fast learning.
If you also happen to have any of the following skills, you’re probably our ideal candidate!
  • Experience in working with TV and film production gear. Maybe you have been working at a rental company?
  • Experience in electronics or mechanics.
  • Experience in working with customer support.

Get in touch!

If this sounds anything like you, please let us know! Send us a mail at with your resume, and a little bit about yourself and why you’d be the perfect fit for the job!

Electrical engineer


Since 2012 Flowcine has been working on improving on the tool set available to professional DOPs, helping them to achieve better looking, more stable shots. Our products have so far been completely mechanical, based on simple physical principles. But we’re currently working on several new products that involves the use of electronics and motorised stabilisation. Now we’re looking for an electrical engineer who can help us push those new products further.


As our electrical engineer, you’ll be responsible of leading all of our projects involving electronics. You’ll work closely with our algorithm guru and our mechanical engineer, being the bridge between the two.


We think that you probably match most of the statements below. Or at least a few!

  • Basic control theory
    For you, control concepts like filters, controllers and minimising of a cost function are everyday matters. You don’t have to be able to implement all of it from start, but you need to have a thirst to learn all about it.

  • Programming (C/C++/Python etc)
    Of course you’re in to programming. For you, the language isn’t important. You’ll use the best tool for the job.

  • Embedded systems
    We expect you to have experience in embedded systems and real time applications.

  • Basic electronics
    You probably have been doing electronics in some way. Low pass filters, currency limiting, ESD-protection and serial communication are probably all familiar concepts to you. Vast experience of brushless servo motors is a huge plus.

  • Basic knowledge in estimation

  • Implementing math into code
    We think you’ll be good at seeing a mathematical solution to a problem and implementing this into executable code.

  • Ability to work independently
    We think it’s important that you enjoy to work quite independently. You will be in charge of the electronic parts of our projects and will be responsible to move them forward.

  • An interest in cameras and gimbals
    If you’re like us, you’re interested in camera technology and gimbals!

Get in touch!

If this sounds like you, please let us know! We'd love to get in touch! Send us a mail at, and we'll meet up for a coffee!