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Documentation and weight range info of the Anti vibration mounts:

Black FAQ

I have a DJI Ronin. What will I need to mount it to the Black arm?

You will need a bridge plate for the Ronin. We recommend the Cinemilled Universal Ronin Mount.

I have a Freefly MoVI. What will I need to mount it to the Black arm?

You will need a Freefly Toad in a hole.

I have some other kind of gimbal. What will I need to mount it on to the Black arm?

If your gimbal has an option for Mitchell mount, have a look at our Mitchell mount adapter (below). If none of the options above applies to your gimbal, send us a mail and let us know which gimbal you use, and we'll try to come up with a solution!

I have the Cinemilled Universal Ronin Mount. How do I put that on the Black arm?

There are several ways of attaching the Cinemilled plate to the Black arms base plate. You can either use two screws or four. The Cinemilled plate is longer on one side, and blocks two of the screws attached to the rods, but there is a easy way to access those. Depending on if you are a multi gimbal facility or a Ronin only (The Universal Cinemilled plate will work both for the Ronin and the Ronin-MX btw, so you can use the same plate, according to the info we got from both Cinemilled and DJI). You will use one of the following options, one quicker and one more rigid. Note: Always use loctite or similar mild/medium thread glue at all times. There is an incredible amount of vibrations once on the road, and a screw might get un-winded in no time. Make sure to use threading glue on the Cinemilled plate screw! That ones will be the weakest point in the chain (do not use permanent/strong thread glue though!).


Below are a few tutorials on how to set up and tweak your Black. More to follow shortly!

Quick tip 01: Adjusting the vertical dampener

Quick tip 02: Installing a second vertical dampener

Quick tip 03: Installing a second tilt dampener

Quick tip 04: Installing a second roll dampener

Mounting the External rubber stoppers

Preparing the Black for Extension block usage. Note: if your Black arm already has the hardened, black coloured screws, you're good to go.

Attaching a Freefly toad in the hole

Attaching a DJI Universal mount


We'll provide more info and tips and tricks here shortly. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us a mail!