Flowcine is about producing high quality accessories for professional cameramen and women. All of us have been working in film and TV production for years, and by now we have a good grip on what products are missing on the market. Stuff we wanted on set for our own productions. So we decided to start Flowcine, and put those missing products on the market.

Our Philosophy

We’re always aiming on simplicity. Stuff that just works when you’re on set.

We’ve all been there. The whole crew is waiting for you because of some silly technical problem, and the time schedule seem less and less realistic. That’s why we try to keep our products as simple as possible. Stuff that just works, so you can focus on being creative.

Our Mission

We’re working on solving common problems photographers have while using an Easyrig or working handheld.

With the Gravity One, we are aiming at Easyrig users and users who are working handheld. The idea is to reduce or remove common problems you normally get with this way of working. Remove heavy vibrations and reduce string force on the camera for example.


With the Serene, we solve another common problem: the bouncy up and down motion you get in the picture in walking or running shots.
For users of electronical gimbals, such as DJI Ronin or Freefly MoVI, we also help smoothing out the operating experience with our Puppeteer.
Have a look around our site and see what you think!

  • Constantine Tirintzis

  • Head of Engineering

Constantine has been working as a cameraman and Steadicam operator for a long time. But being the type that never settles for second best, he has always been building his own improved rigs and accessories. At Flowcine Constantine is the lead product designer. He creates all the genius solutions to the common problems we all have in production.

  • Peter Karlsson

  • Product Manager

Peter is a real gear head and have been using the latest and greatest stuff in production for the last decade or two. He always wants to improve things, wether it’s a post production pipeline or a rig for a handheld camera. Peter is the product manager at Flowcine, so let him know what you think of our stuff, and brief him if you have any great ideas!

  • Micke Teeling

  • Sales Manager

Micke has been working in production and post production for the last 15 years. Being a web nerd he has also been doing his fair share of marketing and e-commerce. Are you interested in purchasing any of our products or do you have any questions about them? Don't hesitate to send him an e-mail!