Puppeteer for Helix

Turn your 4th axis Letus Helix into a full 5-axis system.

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The 1-axis Helix version of the Puppeteer is a device that is specifically designed for the Letus Helix gimbal and Easyrig combination. It's mounted on the roll axis instead of the tilt axis, unlike other gimbals, due to the fact that the Helix and its 4th axis already eliminates the tilt errors and allows easy tilting. The 1-axis Helix Puppeteer together with the Helix 4th axis bracket creates a complete 2-axis system, free of rotational vibrations and easy tilt and roll control.

1-axis Puppeteer for other gimbals

The 1-axis Puppeteer also works for gimbals like the Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin, or similar style. When used with these gimbals, it's mounted on the tilt axis where it corrects for rotational errors. It also simplifies tilting in follow mode, which can otherwise be difficult due to the string force from the Easyrigs cord.


Since there are many different types of gimbals, we have made sure that we have just the right connection brackets to connect the 1-axis Puppeteer to your gimbal. Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin, and Letus Helix just to name a few. You just need to pick the correct grip for your gimbal:

If you have any other kind of gimbal, contact us to get advice on the mount.

Puppeteer for Helix balancing

To better understand Puppeteer balancing, have a look at this clip:

Data sheet
MaterialTitanium, Aluminium, PEEK, Stainless Steel
Package dimensions445 x 210 x 115mm
Package weight1205g