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Arm posts for your xARM.

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These telescopic arm posts allow for higher sled placement on your xARM for PRO and Tiffen (0.74″ and 0.51″) standard gimbals. It comes with two different arm posts lengths (265mm/10.5″ and 165mm/6.5″) and both are telescopic meaning the user can, with the two included arm post grips, position the perfect height of operation. For secure placement one grip is placed on the top and one on the bottom, preventing the arm post from sliding out in any direction. The two arm post allows for operation up to 203mm/8″ and 103mm/4″ above normal arm post height.

The post grips use M4 screw for locking (allen key already supplied in xARM case).

Note: Post grips and arm posts are only compatible with the xARM.

Telescopic armpost setup

Included in the box

  • 1 x 265mm long arm post
  • 1 x 165mm long arm post
  • 2 x Post grips

Specification: Arm posts