xPEG Babypin


The xPEG Babypin is a hook that you can attach wherever there is a baby pin, where you can hang your Steadicam arm.

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The xPEG Babypin allows the steadicam operator to easily attach a Steadicam arm almost anywhere where you have access to a ⅝” baby pin.

It mounts on any vertical baby pin, but it also ships with a “L”-shaped ⅝” baby pin adapter, if you for example want to mount it on to a Manfrotto Superclamp, Matthews Super Mafer or similar. (Note: The clamp is not included.)

Note: The arm needs to have hollow type of arm post, 8.0mm (0.315”) diameter or more.

Specification: xPEG Babypin

Shipping weight0.5 kg
Shipping dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm