xPEG Rip-tie


The xPEG Rip-Tie allows the operator to tighten up the arm at the bottom shelf of the cart.

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The xPEG Rip-Tie allows the steadicam operator to securely fasten the arm at the bottom shelf of the Inovativ cart. The xPEG Rip-Tie is equipped with rubber tip and a 12” long premium Rip-tie CinchStrap that easily allows you to strap the lower portion of your arm to the cart, avoiding any kind of dents, bumps or scratches on your arm.

The xPEG Rip-Tie has 3M Bumpon™ surface on all contact points to avoid scratching your cart and a internal spring mechanism + adjustable lever, making very easy to take on/off from the cart.

As the xPEG Rip-Tie has a CinchStrap attached to it, you can also use it to hold cables or similar items.

The xPEG Rip-Tie also comes with a ⅜”-16 UNC threaded hole, if the user wishes to mount anything else on it (such as a eyebolt, for example).

Specification: xPEG Rip-tie

Shipping weight0.5 kg
Shipping dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm