The xBONE CF is a back mount for the Flowcine xSPINE vest.

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The xBONE CF is a low weight back mount for the Flowcine xSPINE vest. The xBONE CF allows the user to connect any arm that has a standard socket block (xARM, Tiffen or Pro GPI etc.). The xBONE CF is extremely robust, but at the same time keeps a very low weight due to its material properties. It comes with the same roll/tilt socket block adjustment mechanics as used on the Flowcine xR3ACH hybrid back arm, allowing a great range of adjustment both in roll and tilt.


The xBONE CF mounts at the xSPINE dovetail at the back by two ⅜”-16 UNC knobs and allows both regular and goofy mounting, side to side adjustment and huge up/down adjustments as well.


It can be adjusted 225mm in height, and has a side to side adjustment of 80mm, allowing all size of operators to adjust the xBONE CF exactly as they want. Thanks to the very low profile nut at the bottom, the xBONE CF can be mounted very low giving excellent clearance for operating.

The xBONE CF also has a fully adjustable xy socket block stage that has an adjustable knob for tilt, and the usual two knobs for roll adjustment. The roll adjustment with the xBONE CF socket block has a larger degree adjustment than most other socket blocks.

Specification: xBONE CF

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