Serene Extension Arm


Maximize your reach by adding the Extension Arm.

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Maximize your reach

The Serene Extension arm is an additional arm that the user can quickly and easily mount on their current Serene to extend the length of the arm. It allows a fully adjustable distance in 10mm increments, in order to find the perfect length of the arm to get the camera rig just the right distance from your body. It also increases the boom range of the Serene arm resulting in even better performance. The Serene Extension arm ships with an additional stronger spring to compensate for the added leverage, and at the same time improve performance. The minimum extension length is 56mm, and the max is 116mm in 10mm increments.


  • Very easy to mount on the Serene arm.
  • Shippes with an extra Easyrig cord.
  • The extension arm includes a extra heavy duty spring, for heavier rigs, keeping the total range between 3-19.25kg. Max weight at full extension is about 15kg. Max weight at innermost position is about 19.25kg.

Read more in the documentation.

Specification: Serene Extension Arm

Material Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Max Load 19.25kg / 43lbs
Min load 4kg / 9lbs
Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions20 × 16 × 5 cm
Serene Extension Arm
Serene Extension Arm