GLINK Spring cores



Additional spring cores for the GLINK system.

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The GLINK Spring cores are based on the same type of polymer spring technology Flowcine developed for the xARM. The polymer spring cores are made with an outer shell of Neoprene and each core has a smooth and linear lifting capacity. When being used near their maximum lifting capacity, they perform their best, thus each set of spring cores has a weight range of about 5 Kg / 11 Lbs, allowing the gimbal operator to fine tune the arm to optimal performance. The spring cores are pre-extended and can quickly be changed on set. The GLINK Spring cores, when tuned correctly, are incredibly smooth and need just a minimal force to maintain any position.

Available spring core variants:

  • Orange: 6.0-11.0 KG – 13.0-24.0 LBS
  • Black: 10.0-15.5 KG – 22.0-34.0 LBS
  • Grey: 12.5-18.5 KG – 27.5-40.5 LBS
  • Blue: 18.0-24.9 KG – 39.6-55.0 LBS


The GLINK Spring cores have tool-less fine tuning of the lift by adjusting a knob residing at the bottom side.

Note: You need a GLINK v1.5 to use the blue spring cores.

Specification: GLINK Spring cores