Front mount


Front mount for the Flowcine xSPINE vest.

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The xSPINE Front mount is mounted at the front of the xSPINE, and replaces the ordinary CF dual bar grip when being in use. The front mount has a standard universal socket block allowing arms such as the xARM, GPI Pro or Tiffen to connect to the female socket. The xSPINE Front mount can sit at a very low position, usually blocked on other vests by belt buckles and such, giving the operator a great amount of clearance for the operating arm. The xSPINE Front mount is not fixed, but can slide up and down along the CF bars, allowing the operator 50mm of height adjustment.

The weight of the Front mount is 550 g.


The xSPINE Front mount can only be mounted on the Flowcine xSPINE vest (not compatible with any other vest on the market). It can be mounted either regular or goofy. The front mount has two 3/8 “-16 UNC screws and the bottom one connects to the nut residing inside the xSPINE Front plate. The other screw is mounted onto the supplied front mount bracket placed behind the CF bars.

Specification: Front mount

Shipping weight1 kg
Shipping dimensions25 × 15 × 10 cm