GLINK Upgrade 1.5


Upgrade your GLINK 1.0 with the parts to make it a 1.5.

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The GLINK 1.5 offers significant upgrades in performance over the previous GLINK V1.0. The following features and upgrades has been done:

  • New retraction bracket geometry and ensures better folding behavior for the operator. Increased strength of the swivel arms allows greater lift capacity allowing us to release new extra strong spring cores (BLUE) for the GLINK system. The arms have a new minimalistic design making it easier for the operator to squeeze through tight spaces at the same time allowing greater degree of movement compared to previous retraction bracket arms. The new retraction bracket arms have smoother end stops than previously, giving a better motion overal when bringing the gimbal fore/aft, side to side and on rotations.
  • New arm post / clamps with a new easier than ever quick release for working in underslung mode. The new redesigned arm posts allow a easy click-and-go connection that is both very sturdy and it’s much easier to dock the arm posts into the gimbal handles. The new arm post clamps have also been made sturdier with better kipp lever style locks, ensuring a tight locking with easy opening.
  • New carbon frame grips come with a new redesigned locking mechanism, allowing sturdier locking for those operators that want to work with heavier payloads (see BLUE spring cores) and ensures a much tighter locking, preventing it from slipping.
  • New gimbal grip handles with quick release that are now compatible with the new arm posts, giving a cleaner appearance and easier and more solid locking to the arm posts.
The GLINK Upgrade 1.5 kit includes:
  • 2 x Retraction brackets
  • 2 x CF Ring clamps
  • 2 x Gimbal handles with quick release
  • 2 x Arm posts
  • 4 x Arm post clamps

Specification: GLINK Upgrade 1.5

Shipping weight3 kg
Shipping dimensions35 × 20 × 20 cm
GLINK Upgrade 1.5


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