Tool clip-on


The xSPINE tool clip-on is a small clip that allows you to easily attach your tools to your vest.

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The xSPINE tool clip-on is a small clip, designed to be mounted on any of the two xSPINE front CF bars. The tool clip-on allows two allen keys or the GLINK quick release pins to be inserted. The tool clip-on, has one 6.5mm diameter hole (suitable for up to 7/32” or allen key size 5) and one 9.0mm hole (suitable for up to ¼” key or allen tool size 6 or GLINK quick release pin).


The xSPINE tool clip-on easily slides onto any portion of the CF bars that are straight. The clip-ons can be mounted on the left or right side, and has a rubber adhesive padding allowing good friction grip without sliding.

Specification: Tool clip-on

Shipping weight0.5 kg
Shipping dimensions15 × 10 × 10 cm