xARM Spring cores


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The xARM is based on polymer spring cores with a outer shell of Neoprene. Each spring core has a smooth and linear lifting capacity, and when being used near their maximum, they perform their best. Because of this, each spring core has a weight range of about 5 Kg / 11 Lbs, allowing the operator to fine tune the arm to optimal performance.

The xARM Spring cores are available in the following colors/weight ranges:

  • Teal 8-14 Kg / 17.5-31 Lbs
  • Green 14-19.5 Kg / 31-43 Lbs
  • Blue 17-22.5 Kg / 37-49.5 Lbs
  • Orange 20-25.5 Kg / 44.5-56 Lbs
  • Purple 23.5-29 Kg / 52-64 Lbs

Note: The Spring cores are always sold in sets of two. One Spring core goes in the front section of the xARM and the other goes in the back section.

Specification: xARM Spring cores