Handheld mount


The GLINK handheld mount is a mount to attach a camera directly to your GLINK system, without a gimbal.

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The GLINK handheld mount is a telescopic mount for either hard mounted cameras and/or electronic heads such as the ARRI Trinity,  MK-V Omega/AR or the Betz Wave. The connection plate has various ¼”-20 UNC and ⅜”-16 UNC mounting threads and slots for mounting various cameras, dovetails or other plates etc. This allows hybrid handheld style of shooting, with stabilized vertical motion through the GLINK stabilization arms together with dual 3-axis gimbal rotational motion compensation allowing all kinds of shooting styles.


The GLINK hand held mount is mounted directly on top of the GLINK CF Ring. The hand held mount fits without the need to remove the MoVI/R2 mount (the dovetail needs to be removed though) saving time on set when using this option. The hand held mount can be adjusted up and down to find perfect tilt balance in the system. Maximum mounting width on the system is 420mm / 16.5”. The connection plate has 18×1/4”-20 UNC thread, 12×3/8”-16 UNC threads, 6×1/4” slots and 2 x ⅜” ones.


The GLINK hand held mount can be adjusted side to side across the full length of the Ring top frame, and the connection plate has a 125mm / 5” of telescopic travel height adjustment.


  • 2 pcs GLINK handheld clamps
  • 1 pcs GLINK handheld mount
  • 2 pcs GLINK handheld mounting brackets
  • 2 pcs ⅜”-16 UNC countersunk screws
  • 2 pcs ⅜”-16 x5/8” UNC Mushroom head mounting screws
  • 2 pcs ¼”-20 x5/8” UNC Mushroom head mounting screws

Specification: Handheld mount

Shipping weight 1.2 kg
Shipping dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm