Introducing the

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The xSPINE is the world’s first universal vest made for every kind of professional camera operator.


This extremely versatile vest is compatible with gimbal support systems, Steadicam™ systems and handheld Easyrig™ systems.


The xSPINE supports both front mount and back mounted arms in various configurations.


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Introducing the xSPINE

The xSPINE is designed with both male and female operators in mind with a curved torso to allow for breathing room around the chest. Telescopic horizontal adjustments and vertical adjustments are available both front and back to fit any body size. 


All parts are made with strong carbon fiber and/or low-weight aluminum, creating a rigid cage that equally distributes the carried payload in the best way possible. This makes switching between missionary and don juan operating modes incredibly smooth.


It is also the most sturdy vest on the market for gimbal operators which is important for heavy payloads.

The xSPINE is a low-weight (3900g) vest designed to be as comfortable as possible. The pads include a dual-layered air mesh system with air channels, enabling good ventilation while at the same the memory foam makes the vest very comfortable to wear. 


There are a range of different types of foam available as well as spacer pads to allow you to fully configure how the weight is being distributed for the back and front and shoulders.


The xSPINE incorporates dual locked ladder strap adjustments in the front, quickly enabling the operator to adjust settings on the fly with no accidental openings. Allowing the operator to make adjustments safely even while carrying a heavy payload.



Mounting options

The xSPINE is built to be able to take a wide range of accessories and mounting options. We currently have mounting options for the following products and accessories:

There are also a bunch of accessories such as the tool clip-on, accessories clip-on and the baby pin mount to enable easily hanging the vest between usage.

The xSPINE with the GLINK system attached.

The xBONE CF attached to the vest.

xR3ACH mount on the xSPINE.

The Front mount for the xSPINE.

The Tool clip-on for the xSPINE.

Use the Baby pin mount to store your vest between takes.

SIZE Adjustments

The extra wide straps keep the vest as rigid as possible while maintaining an easy procedure for opening and closing the vest to make quick adjustments on the fly.


Some operators prefer more lumbar support, and for those we have the Back relief pad, an accessory that can help distribute the load over a larger area in the back, which may be helpful especially for heavier setups.

For very small operators there are also spacer pads sold as an accessory.


The front, back and sides can be detached with quick release pins, to allow the vest to be packed down in a very slim portable.

The xSPINE ships in a soft bag that has room for the vest and the optional xBONE CF. There is also a hard Peli case for rougher travel as an accessory.

xSPINE with xR3ACH mounted


Pricing and availability

The xSPINE is sold as is or in kits with your choice of mount. Either you select a front mount or a back mount with the xBONE CF or xR3ACH


You may also purchase the xSPINE along with the GLINK or xARM as well.


We currently have a shipping time of about 6-8 weeks on new orders.


Keep an eye on our social media so send us an email for our next tradeshow to demo the vest in person. 


Or find a distributor near you and have one of our resellers fit a vest to you.

Note: STEADICAM is a trademark of THE TIFFEN COMPANY, LLC.

Accessories for the xSPINE